Before any kind of quality standards emerged or any worker health and environmental safety laws were made in Turkey, and while the industry was newly introduced to technology, TOLKİM formulated its mission statement as follows:

  • Introducing international standards to industrial, research and educational laboratories in Turkey;
  • Creating healthy and safe working conditions;
  • Equipping laboratories with up-to-date technology so that these expensive investments maintain their performance level for a long time,
  • Keeping pace with science and technology,
  • Informing customers about appropriate products and design.

A structure with such an ambitious mission had to be built on a strong foundation: a multifaceted approach, a business development program that keeps pace with science and technology, and a team of professionals who constantly improve themselves. TOLKİM’s team of chemists, engineers and trained sales experts continuously expand their knowledge, skills and vision by periodically participating in international training programs on relevant products, services and technologies.

All of TOLKİM’s achievements throughout these 30 years, and its stable position in this sector, are due to the fact that TOLKİM has always worked on not what is, but what ought to be.