For laboratory equipment regular maintenance and repair services are essential for worker health, process continuity and reliability of the results. This is why many pieces of equipment, such as fume hoods, suction and filtration systems and safety cabinets, are subject to obligatory periodic maintenance according to international standards.

Established in 1989, TOLKİM’s Maintenance and Repair Services has a specialized and experienced team, which constantly improves itself with continuing training. We receive continuous support and training from Germany based companies– globally known brands- that we have been representing in Turkey for more than 20 years, so that our laboratories technically and technologically meet international standards. Our technicians participate in training programs in Turkey and abroad to keep their knowledge about the products and services we offer up-to-date.

From fume hoods to air suction filters, chemical storage safety cabinets and fixtures, TOLKİM’s Maintenance and Repair Services has knowledge and experience on every product we offer. Each technician has comprehensive and extensive knowledge in interdisciplinary fields such as ventilation technology, electric, electronic and mechanical installation. All our measuring and testing equipment are professional devices that are periodically calibrated and properly certified with up-to-date technology.

A maintenance contract prepared according to your specific needs defines the scope of the services you will receive from TOLKİM and quotes a final price for your budget. Thanks to our existing stock of spare parts and experienced technicians, our maintenance and repair services are fast and affordable.

After you receive maintenance and repair services from TOLKİM you are presented with test and measurement reports, which assure you of your laboratory’s and workers’ safety.