When Working with Chemicals
Are You Safe Enough?

In accidents that may occur in laboratories, factories, workshops, and even educational institutions, emergency intervention methods and the products used are of vital importance in terms of worker health and environmental safety.

Neutralizing Absorbent for All Chemical Spills

Tolkim has been offering products from the world's most advanced research laboratories in worker health and environmental safety, such as the French company PREVOR and the American company WATERJEL, to private sector and public institutions in Turkey for many years.

Against Thermal Burn Risks, Burn Gel...

Burns caused by heat-steam, hot substances, fire-flame-explosion, electricity-high voltage arcs, radiation, and sun exposure are defined as thermal burns. Workers are at risk of thermal burns during many industrial processes. As usual, intervention with water alone may not yield satisfactory results.

Correct laboratory planning and ideal working environments

Laboratories require special designs not only for their equipment but also for their infrastructure. Laboratories should be meticulously planned down to the finest detail to meet expectations in terms of functionality, hygiene, ergonomics, and safety while serving their purpose.

Stay Safe While Storing Your Chemicals!

Did you know that it's a legal requirement to store and dispose of chemical substances in accordance with their properties? TOLKİM chemical and cylinder storage cabinets are designed to safely store chemicals that are inevitably used in industrial production and to dispose of waste properly.

Safe, Fast, and Easy Solutions for Chemical Spills

In environments where chemical substances are used (such as laboratories, factories, workshops, etc.), chemical spills can occur due to high workload or carelessness, such as from a cracked pipe or a spilled barrel.

35 years of experience

Why Tolkim?

TOLKİM's history has been written with the dedicated work of a curious, talented, and innovative team over 35 years. TOLKİM offers products and services in laboratory equipment and systems, planning and installation, worker health and environmental safety, chemical storage management, as well as environmental and analytical technologies, making it recognized as the most experienced and reliable company in its field.