Laboratories need to be custom designed for your specific needs, including infrastructure and equipment. Every detail should be planned according to your purpose and meet your functionality, hygiene, ergonomics and safety expectations.

Like any construction project, the specific purposes of a laboratory should be taken into consideration starting from the construction phase, which will determine the quality and the total cost of the project. A laboratory can serve its purpose for many years without requiring modification or renovation if an expert team is in charge of the whole project from architectural design to construction, installation and equipment selection.

The infrastructure required for laboratory equipment (gas, water, electricity, waste disposal etc.) should be designed as a whole. Ergonomics needs to be prioritized in order to achieve efficiency and physical comfort for the staff.

TOLKİM’s technical team is well-informed, experienced and attentive about laboratory furniture fitting, technical infrastructure installation and possible modifications. You can trust TOLKİM’s fast, attentive and reliable technical support services as well as its installation expertise.

With more than 30 years of experience in laboratory furniture and equipment, TOLKİM is a renowned and trusted company in its sector that offers advanced technology through international brands it represents in Turkey and high quality products of its own.

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