Chemicals are classified and labeled according to a globally harmonized system before they are put on the market. By defining the properties of each and every chemical, this classification system aims to allow precaution against possible hazards that they can cause to people and the environment. Chemical storage and waste management activities must comply with these properties. This is a legal obligation as well as the responsible attitude towards human and environmental health.

According to this international classification system, chemicals are classified as explosives, flammables, aerosols, oxidizers, acute toxins, corrosives, irritants and environmental (aquatic environment, ozone layer etc.) pollutants.

TOLKİM’s chemical and gas cylinder storage cabinets and containers are designed for safe storage and appropriate disposal of chemicals that are unavoidably used in industrial production. After reviewing our products please consult TOLKİM’s technical support team for the best storage and waste management solutions for your needs.