In the course of working with chemical substances in factories or laboratories, a spill can occur at any moment. This could be due to a cracked pipe or a dropped container. Spills of hard-to-clean substances (such as adhesive paint, hydrocarbons, lubricants, oils, etc.) can lead to slips and falls. When spills occur in transitional areas, the danger can spread to a wider area. Having chemical spill products readily available in such situations can protect you and those around you from potential hazards.

TOLKİM provides specialized solutions for all these needs. Developed by PREVOR Chemical Risk Management and Toxicology Laboratories, the absorbents enable quick and easy intervention as a single product.

Points to consider during a chemical spill:

What challenges do we face when dealing with chemical spills? / What types of chemicals are involved? What are the risks? / What should be used to neutralize and clean the spill? / How can you clean the area and make it safe? / How can you safely clean up the spill?