Damage caused by heat, steam, hot substances, fire, flames, explosions, electricity, high-voltage arcs, radiation, and sunburn is defined as a burn. The affected area is not only the skin but also a trauma that affects the entire organism. Workers are at risk of thermal burns during many industrial processes.

Degrees of Burns:

1st-degree burns

  • The 1st layer of the skin (epidermis) is burnt
  • It is a dry, mild, and edematous burn
  • There is redness and a sensation of pain
  • No blisters
  • Healing time is 3-6 days


2nd-degree burns

  • The 1st and 2nd layers of the skin are burnt (epidermis and dermis)
  • There are fluid-filled blisters on the skin
  • It is a painful burn
  • There is a potential for scarring
  • Healing time is 2-6 weeks


3rd-degree burns

  • A type of burn that covers all layers of the skin, reaching subcutaneous tissues and even bones
  • The skin is dry and leathery
  • There is a change in color
  • There is extreme pain and loss of sensation
  • The treatment time is long


Since every second is critical in a serious burn situation, correct first aid intervention can save lives.

With Water-Jel thermal burn emergency intervention products offered by TOLKIM, you can overcome accidents with minimal damage, creating work environments that are safe for both work and workers.