FRIDURIT® Technical Industrial Ceramics (chemical technical stoneware) laboratory benchtops are used in a wide variety of laboratory applications. With an advanced CAD-controlled production technology, they are designed and manufactured in custom dimensions for your laboratory’s needs. Overflow drains for sink units and raised fixture stands for fume hoods can be custom made. FRIDURIT® laboratory sinks are ideal for laboratories that handle water and chemical liquids.

Resistant to all chemicals and scratches!

FRIDURIT® Technical Industrial Ceramics are resistant to solvents and chemicals (except for hydrofluoric acid) that are used frequently in laboratories and resistant to scratches and wear, thanks to its high density material. The easy to clean surface looks brand new even after repeated cleaning with powerful cleaners and tools.

Chemical-free, emission-free, 100% recyclable.

FRIDURIT® Technical Industrial Ceramics are typical examples of “green” construction materials, which is an important component of the “Green Building” concept. These benchtops are used in both new laboratories and renovation projects, and they meet the highest national and international safety, environmental protection and sustainability standards. Industrial Ceramics are chemical-free, emission-free, fire resistant and 100% recyclable.

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