Despite all precautions, people who handle chemicals in laboratories, factories, workshops and even in educational institutions are under risk of occupational accidents and chemical exposure.

Emergency response methods and products are crucial for ensuring worker health and environmental safety. In case of chemical and thermal burns, the faster the response the higher the likelihood of survival and preventing permanent injuries. Scientists, who can change the structure of matter using the subtleties of chemistry, are developing effective products against hazardous effects of chemicals on people.

Considering worker health and environmental safety a corporate priority, TOLKİM has been supplying French PREVOR and American WATERJEL safety products developed in the most advanced laboratories in the world to public and private sector users in Turkey for many years.

TOLKİM’s sales team has up-to-date expertise in the field thanks to the periodical training programs they attend in Europe and has been contributing to the rise of worker health and environmental safety standards in Turkey.

You can consult our team’s expertise and experience on everything you need to know about worker health and environmental safety, precautions against accidents and the most effective response methods using the most appropriate products.

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