FRIATEC was founded in 1863 in Mannheim, Germany as a brick factory and its first innovation was the production of Chemical Stoneware in 1888. This was followed by many new product lines and advancements. Today FRIATEC offers a very wide product range that includes:

- Technical Plastics: Sewage and Pipe Systems

- Building Services: Sheathing Systems and Spare Parts

- Laboratory Technology Products: Technical Industrial Ceramic Benchtops & Sinks and Chemical Waste Neutralization and Fume Scrubber Systems

- Engineering Solutions: High Performance Technical Ceramics

FRIATEC entered the Turkish market in 1998 in partnership with TOLKİM and in these 20 years TOLKİM’s expert team carried out many successful projects in laboratory construction, environmental protection technology and custom engineering solutions using FRIATEC products.

TOLKİM is the authorized representative of FRIATEC’s “Laboratory Technology Products” and “Engineering Solutions (including High Performance Technical Ceramics)” in Turkey.

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