DR. ING. RITTER Milligascounters are used in all industrial settings with biogas and fermentation applications as well as environmental technologies, universities and research laboratories.

Milligascounters are designed for volumetric measurement of gases with ultra-low flow rates and very small amounts. The device is especially fit for measuring all inert and slightly aggressive gases encountered in biogas technology or leakage rate identification.


  • Measurement in the 1 ml/h – 1 l/h range, with ±1% average accuracy.
  • The measured gas volume is multiplied with the configured calibration factor and shown on the LCD screen directly as numeric data.
  • The casing can be made of 3 different materials according to measurement temperatures: PMMA (10°C- 60°C), PVDF (10°C- 80°C), PVC (10°C- 40°C).
  • 100 mbar max. input pressure.
  • Computerized real-time data can be obtained with RIGAMO software. Simultaneously connects to and receives data from up to 24 devices.
  • Maintenance free.



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