DR. ING. RITTER Wet Type (cylinder type) Gas Flow Meters are universally adaptable devices used for measuring gas volumes in the industry, in processes that use petroleum and chemicals, controlled chambers for environmental, pilot facility or tests, in gas meter calibration, in laboratories and research, especially when highest precision is required.


RITTER Wet Type Gas Flow Meters offer constant high accuracy and precision fort he most aggressive or inert gasses or the lowest gas flow rates.

Measurement Principle: RITTER Wet Type Gas Flow Meters work on the principle of positive displacement. The sample gas flow turns the measuring cylinder that is usually placed in water or low viscosity white oil. A dial gauge and a counter connected to the cylinder measures and records the gas flow rate of the sample as it fills and pours out of fixed volume measurement partitions.

The most important advantage of this principle over other non volumetric measurement principles (measurements that use secondary variables such as speed, heat capacity, conductive resistance etc.) is the direct volumetric measurement. This allows the most accurate measurement without taking secondary variables such as gas type, temperature and moisture into consideration or using correction factors for these variables.

RITTER devices are combined with RIGAMO software for determining the absolute volume and flow rates of the gases that flow through the meter.

Measurement Range: Choose from 8 different Standard measurement ranges from as low as 1 l/h to as high as 18,000 l, with ± 0.20 % accuracy. Custom flow meters can be provided according to your special needs.

Devices have 50 milibar (0.725 psi) maximum input gas pressure. Some meters even operate at pressures as low as 0.1 milibar. They can operate in temperatures between -10ºC and +80ºC at any measurement range. Standard casings are resistant to 50 milibar (for plastic casing) and 500 milibar (for stainless steel casing) maximum pressure. Custom devices that are resistant up to 35 bar pressure can be provided.

Wet Type Preccision Gas Flow Meter

Wet Type Preccision Gas Flow Meter

Wet Type Preccision Gas Flow Meter

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