• Provides maximum safety with 90 minute fire resistance according to the EN 14 470-1 standard.
  • TÜV certified according to DIN EN 14 727 (laboratory furniture standard).
  • User friendliness and guaranteed long service life with TÜV “High Quality” certificate.
  • Standard 3 shelf systems and 1 bottom collection tray.
  • Air suction and air feed channels at every shelf level.
  • In addition to the main ventilation channels, there are suction channels at the bottom of the shelves for eliminating chemical vapors that fill the cabinet during filling and preventing Ex-Atmosphere.
  • All internal and external pieces of the safety cabinet are coated with electrostatic graphite paint that allows electrical conductivity.
  • The cabinet is grounded at 4 different points according to the TRGS 727 standard.
  • Additional grounding cables are provided for the filling and transfer barrel.
  • Doors close automatically in case of fire.
  • Ergonomic lock system at the handle level.
  • Two-winged door system can be easily opened with one hand.
  • The cabinet can be leveled easily with adjustable feet.
  • European Union GS, CE approved.
Details 3 drum shelves, 2 drip trays,
15 ratchet grounding cables,
1 bottom collection tray and plinth
External Dimensions [mm]
(width x depth x height)
1195 x 595 x 2080
Internal Dimensions [mm]
(width x depth x height)
1099 x 446 x 1830
Weight [kg] 469
Storage capacity / surface area approx.
[5 l / 1,32 gal]
[10 l / 2,64 gal]
[5 l / 1,32 gal]
[10 l / 2,64 gal]
7 PE drums
5 PE drums (conductive)
7 Stainless steel drums
5 Stainless steel drums

Filling And Transfer Containers Safety Cabinet Type 90

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