HEXAFLUORINE® is an active eyewash solution developed by the PREVOR risk management and toxicology laboratories for hydrofluoric acid (HF) splashes.

Hydrofluoric acid (HF) has two effects on live tissue:

Corrosive effect due to hydrogen ions (H+) that attach to surface tissues (cornea epithelium or epidermis), Toxic effect due to fluoride ions (F–) that penetrate the skin through the damaged upper layer with its acidity and bonds to the calcium in the body, causing biochemical, cellular and tissue damage.

HEXAFLUORINE® is used immediately after splashes of hydrofluoric acid and fluorides in acidin medium. Using HEXAFLUORIDE® immediately after the splash, meaning using the whole package in any form, prevents the burn from spreading and reduces the risk of injury.



HEXAFLUORINE® is a special solution used in case of hydrofluoric acid burns in the eye or on the skin. It has two mechanisms, with a hypertonic structure that has a pincher effect: 

The hypertonic effect of HEXAFLUORINE® prevents the chemical from penetrating the tissue and creates a reverse flow that draws the chemical to the surface.

  • Neutralization and pincher effect allows it to act against this acid that has both corrosive (H+) and toxic (F-) effect, therefore causing severe burns.


  • Used for splashes of hydrofluoric acid (HF) or fluorides in acidic medium.
  • Provides mechanical washing without any side effects.
  • Reduces pain immediately. It is not corrosive or irritant.
  • pH value is between 7.2 and 7.7. It has been autoclave sterilized.
  • Phosphate-free, transparent, colorless liquid.
  • Helps medical treatment, prevents loss of workdays.
  • It is packaged for maximum efficiency, ideal for easy and urgent use.
  • HEXAFLUORINE® solution is “Medical Device Class II A”, CE 0459 certified and EN15154 -3/4 compliant.


Different packaging options and presentations of HEXAFLORINE® solution are designed for different risks for providing maximum efficiency during accidents. All forms are ready-to-use in their own packaging. They are ideal for simple and urgent use. HEXAFLUORINE® is sterile and each package is for a single application.


Effective and comfortable washing with an eye cup that fits the eye ergonomically, keeps it open and provides a quick rinse without applying any pressure.

Package Contents:

  • 2 x 500 ml HEXAFLORINE® eyewash solution
  • 1 x 200 ml AFTERWASH eyewash solution
  • 40 gr calcium gluconate gel



EYE SHOWER (500 ml)

Package Contents:

6 x 500 ml HEXAFLUORINE® eyewash solution



It is used for burns of the whole body. It is portable in order to allow mobile teams to easily reach the victim and apply the solution.

Package Contents:

5 l HEXAFLUORINE® solution spray



It is a stationary unit for shared workspaces. It is the ideal form for laboratories, chemical warehouses, filling- emptying and transfer areas, production units, workshops etc. A dust and/or freeze protection closet or spill kit is available. 

Package Contents:

  • 2 x 500 ml HEXAFLUORINE® eyewash solution
  • 1 x 200 ml AFTERWASH eyewash solution
  • 40 gr calcium gluconate gel
  • 5 l skin wash spray


Hexafluorine® Wall Mounted Eye Wash Station (with absorbent)

Hexafluorine® Wall Mounted Eye Wash Station

Hexafluorine® Eye Shower (500 ml)

Hexafluorine® Portable Autonomous Shower (5 lt)

Hexafluorine® Full Wash Set (portable)

Hexafluorine® Full Wash Set (stable)

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