Spilled products that are hard to clean (adhesive paint, hydrocarbons, lubricants, oils…) might cause falls and slips. The risk might be larger when the spill is in a high traffic area.

Polycaptor® absorbent QUICKLY and EASILY cleans up chemical spills.

Polycaptor® absorbent is effective on all liquids, including chemicals that are adhesive and not water-based.

  • Reduces the risk of falling and slipping, leaving a clean and dry surface even on rough surfaces!

Polycaptor® absorbent helps reduce waste and comply with environmental laws.

Examples of absorption capacity 

  • 1 kg of Polycaptor® absorbs more than 4 l of oil.
  • 1 kg of Polycaptor® absorbs 5 l of 13% bleach.
  • 1 kg of Polycaptor® absorbs 3.8 l of 50% caustic soda.
  • 1 kg of Polycaptor® absorbs 3.8 l of 40% hydrogen peroxide.

Compared to natural absorbents you need to use 50% less of this product.

Package Contents

  • 4 kg bucket.
  • Unlimited shelf life.



1. Sprinkle Polycaptor® absorbent around the spill to stop it from spreading.

2. Pour Polycaptor® absorbent to cover the spill and wait for it to solidify in a short time.

3. Safely remove the mixture, which is now neutralized and reached a dough consistency.

Polycaptor® Chemical Spill Absorbent (4 kg)

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