Chemical burns are the partial or complete destruction of cells due to exposure of the eyes or the skin to corrosive and irritant chemicals.

In order to effectively stop a chemical burn it is usually not enough to remove the chemical from the contact area with a mechanical rinse. The chemical that has penetrated into the lower layers of the tissue (the eye or the skin) must also be absorbed with an active wash.

Developed by PREVOR Chemical Risk Management and Toxicology Laboratories specialized in chemical risks, DIPHOTERINE® for any concentration of all corrosive and irritant chemicals and HEXAFLUORINE® as an active wash for splashes of Hydrofluoric Acid (HF) and fluorides in acidic medium are first aid products that minimize damages after work accidents.

The activities of DIPHOTERINE® and HEXAFLUORINE® solutions that stop the chemical with active washing after chemical splashes reduce the severity of the burn, stop the penetration of the chemical, control the chemical burn risk and facilitate emergency treatment.