Water-Jel® burn blankets are known to be the fastest, easiest and most direct method of burn intervention. When laid on the burn, the blanket cools the area, reduces pain and prevents airborne infections.

Water-Jel® burn blankets are made of 100% wool fabric and they can absorb 13 times their weight with their special structure. The wool fabric is covered with a water-soluble, bacteriostatic and biodegradable gel. Water-Jel® burn blankets are orange colored and they come in 3 sizes, which can be wall-mounted.

Water-Jel® blankets can be used for all types of burns (heat, steam, electricity, flash, explosion, radiation etc.)

  • Sterile, gel soaked, %100 wool fabric.
  • Cools the burn, reduces pain, stops the progression of the burn and protects against airborne infections.
  • Puts out flames.
  • Calms the victim.
  • Offered in wall-mounted case or foil packaging.
  • 5 years of shelf life.

WATER-JEL® Burn Blankets (91x76 cm)

WATER-JEL® Burn Blankets (183x152 cm)

WATER-JEL® Burn Blankets (244x183 cm)

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